• APTITUDEforthearts

    is an art project in the territory entirely dedicated to women's artistic research. The project, independent and nonprofit, stems from a reflection on "taking care of" understood as an attitude and sensitivity, innate or acquired, rooted in the female universe.
  • Matilde Cassani

    Almost Nobody

    APTITUDE for the arts announces for the 2022-2023 season a new project by Italian designer and artist Matilde Cassani.

    Almost Nobody
  • Mappa d'artista 2

    In the last century, a female lexicon has emerged in art that is changing its physiognomy. But what lexicon? How do we talk about art and women in a new way? Aptitudeforthearts, the association that supports women's art research, has tried to do just that by creating a series of podcasts where they themselves tell us.

    Mappa d'artista 2