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“APTITUDEforthearts is a new art project in the territory entirely dedicated to women’s artistic research.”

APTITUDEforthearts is a new art project in the territory entirely dedicated to women’s artistic research. The project, independent and non-profit, is born from a reflection on “taking care of” understood as an attitude and a sensitivity, innate or acquired, rooted in the universe of women.

The initiative intends in this perspective to invite artists of different generations to look at the landscape – and the peculiar agricultural context of Vercelli – as something and someone from whom to draw inspiration for their creative journey and take care of, addressing this context a series of gestures and new and rejuvenating looks.

https://vimeo.com/775032963Politecnico di Architettura di MilanoProgetto di micro stage Corso di Arte Contemporanea e Spazi Professoressa Anna MazzantiProfessoressa Matilde Marzotto CaotortaRiprese, Fotografia, Montaggio – Paola Bianchi, Maritza Lapeira, Giacomo Temeroli

The aim of the project is, on the one hand, to offer, in a context as peculiar as that linked to the rice industry, an opportunity for contemporary artistic production and, on the other hand, to enhance the important, even if still little known, artistic heritage-architectural territory through the recovery of historic spaces being restored, abandoned, waiting for care and that can be temporarily regenerated by the presence of a different look. The project every year invites an artist to design and/ or develop his research in progress (which is linked to the themes and nature of the territory) and to install her work in one or more selected places in the Vercelli area – in collaboration with local institutions.

APTITUDEforthearts aims to look at artists who, through their research, have undertaken inter-disciplinary and innovative paths, linked for example to the themes of work and its new paths related to the development of technologies, written literature, sound and visual that told it, natureplay, research on textiles and materialsobjects related to agricultural culture, educationmusic, up to the ability to address issues of diversity and dedication to the project as an instrument of emancipation, identity, freedom.

The first edition took place in the lowlands of Trino Vercellese in Piedmont. Its rice paddies are the natural landscape whose shape has been changed, over the decades, by the toil of women. The effort of their meticulous labour has defined the history and the traditions of these lowlands.  And here we will pay homage to them thanks to an contemporary art installation.




Paola Nicolin

PhD, she is an art historian and combines research activities with editorial and curatorial practice.

Artistic director of XNL Piacenza, since 2010 she has been teaching History of Contemporary Art at the Bocconi University in Milan. She is director of the art and education center the classroom (WWW.THECLASSROOM.IT), she lives in Milan with her family.

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